Why my order is still pending and how can I get in touch with the query?

If your order is showing in the pending state this means your order is not approved yet. This means once your order is approved it will ship to your concerned address. If you want to inquire about your hold order then you can connect with our customer support.

Why my order is showing in dispensing state?

When you are ordering any medicine with us it is necessary to make note that the transaction should be within the site name. This means you must ensure that your statement contains our site name (buyprep). This in turn allows you to be free from any sort of transaction hassle at the end.

What is the way to make payment once it is held?

You can easily complete your purchase even after your payment is stuck. All you need is to open your email, click on the mail received, and Make your payment as per your desired payment mode while entering all of your details. Your payment is done and desired medicines will receive at your concerned place.

What is the CVV number which is being asked at the time of making the transaction?

CVV number is the three-digit number that you can find easily at the back of your credit/debit card. The number has to be kept secured to avoid any false transaction. To complete your transaction you need to enter your CVV number safely. Note it from the back of your card and enter correctly to complete the transaction.