Thing You Need To Know About Prep Pill That Cure HIV

Thing You Need To Know About Prep Pill That Cure HIV

HIV is spread through semen, vaginal fluids, blood, and breast milk. Secure yourself by using condoms each time you have sexual relations, and don’t impart needles to anyone. You can also get some information about PrEP — daily pill that prevents HIV.

How do I avoid getting HIV during sex ?

HIV is spread through contact with blood or sexual fluids (like semen and vaginal fluids), generally during vaginal and anal sex. So the main 100% certain approach to avoid HIV is to not have vaginal or anal sex.

But many people do engage in sexual relations sooner or later in their lives, so finding out about HIV prevention and realizing how to have more secure sex is important. Using condoms REALLY brings down your danger of getting HIV. In case you will engage in sexual relations, using condoms each and every time is simply the most ideal approach to protect yourself from HIV. There’s also a daily pill you can take — called PrEP — that can help avoid HIV. Your doctor or medical attendant can let you know whether PrEP is correct for you.

Some sexual activities are more secure than others with regards to getting HIV. These exercises are “no risk” — they’ve never caused a revealed case of HIV:

  • masturbating
  • touching your partner’s genitals
  • rubbing your bodies together (dry humping)
  • kissing
  • having oral sex with a condom or dental dam 
  • using clean sex toys

These activities are “lower risk” — they’ve just caused some of the reported cases of HIV (out of millions):

  • “French” or deep kissing (if the person with HIV has wounds or bleeding in their mouth)
  • vaginal sex with a condom as well as PrEP
  • anal sex with a condom as well as PrEP
  • oral sex without a condom or dental dam
  • These activities are “high risk” — millions of people get HIV this way:
  • vaginal sex without a condom or PrEP
  • anal sex without a condom or PrEP

It’s simpler for HIV to get into your body if you have injuries, cuts, or openings in your skin that semen (cum), vaginal fluids, or blood may get into. So don’t have in sexual relations if you have a herpes outbreak or other infections. Having different STDs makes you bound to get HIV, so it’s a great thought to get tried for STDs generally.

There’s no vaccine that protects against HIV, but many people are taking a shot at making one. What’s more, there are drugs (called PEP and PrEP) that can help prevent HIV.

If you don’t have HIV and your partner does, they can get on an HIV treatment called antiretroviral treatment (ART). Art can bring down their opportunity of spreading HIV during sex. What’s more, a few people who are on ART can’t transmit HIV to their partner at all.

What is PrEP and how can it prevent HIV ? 

PrEP represents pre-exposure prophylaxis. It’s a pill you take once per day that can enable you to prevent HIV. Your doctor or attendant can help you to choose if PrEP makes sense for you.

What is PEP and how can it prevent HIV ? 

Zip represents post-introduction prophylaxis. It’s a series of pills you begin taking after you’ve been presented to HIV that brings down your chances of getting HIV. You need to begin PEP within 72 hours (3 days) after you were presented to HIV for it to work. The sooner you begin it, the better. Consistently tallies, so if you think you were presented to HIV, call your medical caretaker or specialist or go to the emergency room immediately. PEP is just for emergencies — it doesn’t replace using condoms or PrEP.

What is ART and how can it help prevent HIV ? 

Antiretroviral treatment (ART) is a combination of medications that hinders the impacts of HIV in your body and can enable you to remain sound for a long time. It can also lower or even stop your chances of offering HIV to any other person. 

ART brings down the measure of HIV in your body (called your viral burden) — at times to the point where HIV won’t appear on standard blood tests. If your HIV viral burden is low to such an extent that specific tests can’t see it, it’s classified “imperceptible.” When somebody has an imperceptible viral burden, they can’t spread HIV to others during sex.

It’s imperative to remember that even with an imperceptible viral burden, HIV is as yet present in your body. In the event that you stop treatment, your viral burden can go up, causing it conceivable to pass HIV to others you to have intercourse with. Your primary care physician or nurse can help you to find the treatment that is best for you to help keep your viral burden low, so you can stay healthy.

How can I make sure I don’t give HIV to anyone during sex ?

If you find that you have HIV, attempt to remain calm. People living with HIV can have typical, healthy relationships and sexual lives. However, it’s essential to avoid potential risk to help your partner(s) stay HIV-free. 

There are some ways that you can avoid giving HIV to other people: 

  • Continuously use condoms when you have vaginal and anal sex.
  • Begin treatment for HIV at the earliest possible, and continue taking your HIV prescription. When you take it accurately, HIV treatment can lower or even stop your odds of spreading the infection to your sexual accomplices (and help you remain sound). 
  • There’s a daily pill your partner can go for risk of getting HIV, called PrEP. 
  • Try not to share needles for shooting drugs, piercings, or tattoos. 
  • Get tried and treated for different STDs other than HIV routinely. Having different STDs makes it simpler for you to spread HIV to other people.

If you test positive for HIV, it’s imperative to inform your sexual accomplices concerning it so they can be tried as well. Regardless of whether you’re extremely mindful so as to not spread HIV, be honest with your future partners about your status so you can both be educated and help each other stay healthy. In a Nowadays PrEP available online at a low price. So You can buy PrEP online from a safe and reliable pharmacy.

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