A Complete Guide On Prep For HIV Prevention
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A Complete Guide On Prep For HIV Prevention


PrEP and PEP

PrEP is an abbreviation that represents pre-exposure prophylaxis(PrEP). It includes HIV pessimistic individuals taking antiretroviral medications to secure them and prevent HIV contamination.

Not at all like post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP), which is taken after a potential exposure to HIV, PrEP is taken on a continuous premise before conceivably being presented to HIV or previously/all through a period where you realize you will be engaging in sexual relations. Some would state it’s like ‘the pill’ that ladies take to prevent impromptu pregnancy.


PrEP is suggested for individuals who are considered in danger of getting HIV. You are in danger if you:

  • Are a man (cis or trans) who has butt-centric sex with other men and does not generally utilize a condom
  • Have a hetero accomplice who has HIV and you need to have a baby.
  • Have an accomplice who is HIV positive however has not accomplished an imperceptible viral burden, and you don’t generally utilize a condom

To take PrEP you should be HIV negative and an HIV test should consistently be performed before you begin taking PrEP. Your PrEP prescriber will experience this with you at your first appointment.

While PrEP is viable in protecting you from HIV, PrEP does not protect you from explicitly transmitted infections (STIs). Anybody taking PrEP should test at any rate four times each year for STIs and consider considerably more STI registration on the off chance that they are having a ton of sex without condoms. A full screen ought to incorporate chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis, and should likewise be possible when you visit your PrEP prescriber.


Taking PrEP every day is an extraordinary alternative on the off chance that you need to be shielded from HIV without foreseeing when your next sexual experience might be. Sex is now and then unconstrained! So on the off chance that you take PrEP consistently, you are constantly ensured. Day by day PrEP is likewise incredible in the event that you realize you will be having a great deal of sex, or simply have a, for the most part, bustling sexual coexistence.

On-demand PrEP can suit people who rarely have intercourse without condoms, or plan to engage in sexual relations without condoms for a brief timeframe (a night out, celebration or sex party). If you don’t prefer to take day by day drug or if you are worried about reactions, at that point on-request PrEP could be beneficial for you. Whatever the reason, when utilized accurately on-demand is PrEP is similarly as powerful as every day dosing.

For on-demand PrEP, the planning for taking your portions is critical. Especially the stacking portion of two PrEP pills, in any event, 2 hours before sex (notwithstanding, prior is better).

To use on-request PrEP utilize this particular dosing methodology:

  • Take two PrEP pills without a moment’s delay — a double dose — between 2-24 hours before you have sex
  • Take one more PrEP pill 24 hours after your first dose
  • Take one last pill 24 hours after the second dose

If you are utilizing this methodology that you initially talk about it with your recommending GP, and ensure you comprehend the planning of the pills.

If you end up oftentimes having sex without condoms, or discover adhering to a painstakingly planned dosing schedule like PrEP on-demand
requires, taking PrEP consistently may be an increasingly reasonable choice.

If you are keen on taking PrEP, what do you have to do ?

If you are contemplating beginning PrEP, you should make a meeting with a specialist or sexual wellbeing facility. During your first arrangement, they will talk about your qualification for PrEP, complete the required testing for HIV and STIs, and check your kidney work.
When you have finished the required testing, you will be given content which you can gather from a drug store. Remember that PrEP is something other than a pill; it is a program which requires ordinary specialist visits and HIV and STI testing at regular intervals. You will likewise need to make a subsequent arrangement in one month for another HIV test. From that point forward, you will require an arrangement at regular intervals to continue getting your medicine.

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